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We offer projects to undergraduate students looking for an artificial intelligence-related subject for their course project.

Game AI for StarCraft II

DeepMind (a Google affiliate) has just provided an API to program artificial intelligences (AI) for the game StarCraft II . The Facebook’s AI lab had recently done the same. The game StarCraft II is very complex. The challenges of programming an AI for StarCraft reflect well the problems encountered in real life, especially the possibility to understand the intent of other players, be they partners (teammates) or competitors (opponents). There is also, of course, the capacity to understand rapidly complex situations and to take wise decisions within very little time.

PLANIART lab (Université de Sherbrooke) has been working on a StarCraft AI for years. Many graduate students have advanced the matter significantly by publishing their results in internationally famous conferences, as AAAI and IJCAI. A group of undergraduate students, supervised by Master students, came out second in a world tournament on StarCraft AI in 2010 .

The goal of this project is to offer to students the possibility to practice programming of artificial intelligences, using StarCraft II as testbed. They will be able to further develop the notions learned in IFT615 and IFT608/IFT702. Students will get the chance to experiment deep learning algorithms to implement the StarCraft AI.

Depending on the number of interested students, the project could be reorganized in several groups, each assigned to specific tasks, for a common goal: the more advanced StarCraft AI possible. Interested students are welcomed to push the work further to enter international StarCraft AI contests.

This project will be co-supervised by Mariane Maynard (Master student) and Froduald Kabanza (professor).

Number of positions: 1 to 12 people
Workload: 135 to 400 hours per student
  • Knowledge of real-time strategy games, especially StarCraft
  • Programming experience in Python

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